Building Blocks Property LLC

​Building Block Property LLC

Building Blocks Property  is a Real Estate Investment Company.  We are a new Company founded in Cincinnati, Ohio 2012.  Our focus is on enhancing inner city and neighboring communities by the use of ecological environmentally friendly materials and products.  

Building Blocks Property seeks to offer affordable homes to families who would other wise not be able to rent or purchase a quality eco-friendly home.

Our Company will manage all projects.  Building Blocks Property will maintain our focus on producing quality results at all time.  Quality production will consist of focusing on water conservation, energy efficiency and selection of sustainable building materials.

Building Blocks Property will also offer an educational component for families who buy or rent from our company.  This educational component will benefit the landlord, the tenant (Renter), and the future home owner (First time buyer).

Welcome to Building Blocks Property

​Cleaning Green

Green products are products used that will reduce the negative effect on human health and the environment.  As a new and growing company we strive to be environmentally conscious and responsible by using products and materials that would have the lease impact on our environment. Traditional cleaning products are highly toxic and pollutes indoor air quality and may cause or trigger health concerns.

Building Blocks Property only use cleaning products that are third-party certified which verify minimal impact to your health and our environment.  Some consumers are concerned that green products and services are expensive.  Some green products and services can be more expensive. Many green products can be used for multiple purposes, which limit the number of different products used.  Building Blocks Property cleaning green service will clean  property and leave you with a healthier home and environment over all.

To learn more about the cleaning products our company use please visit these websites: