Cleaning Services:

Building Blocks Property will service the following areas.

              Apartment Buildings

              Hallways, stairwells

              Laundry Rooms

              Recreation Rooms


 Property grounds including 

             parking lots

             Yard work

             Moping as needed

Yearly Services Provided

            Stripping Floors

            Carpet Cleaning


Let us sweep away your worries using Green products for a healthy environment


Property Cleaning and Care Maintenance 



Our company is a unique company in several different aspects. We use products that are

   · 100% safe for the environment

   · Non-toxic

   · No animal testing


Building Blocks Property mission is to focus on enhancing inner city communities and properties that are eye sores to the communities by use of ecological environmentally friendly materials and products.

All communities are important to us and we will work to services you.



Building Blocks Property LLC