Building Blocks Property LLC

New Construction Cleaning Service 

Using Ego Friendly products that will protect our environment. 

Simple Green is one of the products that our company use:   

This is a 100% naturally derived with ingredients originating from nature.

      100% safe for the environment


      No animal testing




Building Blocks Property also offer 

additional services.

  · Secure Monitoring 

  · Care Maintenance


  We are a bonded company

Our Company’s professional services will ensure that your new homes are move in ready for the new property owners.  We take extra care to see that every detail is  complete.  All jobs are inspected before being release to our clients. 
​Areas to Service · Basement · Main Floor · Second Floor · Floors/Carpet · Windows
· Kitchens · Bathrooms
· Unwanted interior construction
Building Blocks Property focus on enhancing communities by servicing properties that have been under construction as well as newly constructed properties.  Our  construction cleaning service is here to help.  Our company goal is to service businesses within the housing construction industry.  Our company of professionals believe in healthy living.  Building Blocks Property offers affordable cleaning services that use Eco-Friendly products and materials..  

New Home Construction