Building Blocks Property LLC

Preserve your vacant property with Building Blocks Property LLC

Building Blocks Property LLC, is a local company in Cincinnati, Ohio that was founded in 2012.  The company is a Property service company. We take pride in our work because we take pride in our communities and surrounding areas.  Preserving vacant properties is one way of preserving neighborhoods and communities with Care Maintenance.  Our company offers affordable prices and will tailor services to fit your vacant and foreclosed property needs.

There are many concerns that can develop from having a vacant property unattended. 

   · decrease in property value,

   · unauthorized entry, 

   · vandalism, theft and other crimes.  

Statistics have shown that when a home or property is being maintained and regularly attended, that property is less likely to become a crime scene.  We know that it can be a challenge for many individual property owners, bank owned properties and Realtors to monitor and maintain their vacant properties.  


Choose to protect your  vacant property from unauthorized entry, vandalism, theft and other crimes.  Choose Building Blocks Property LLC. To preserve your valuable asset. Let us do the work and save you the hassle of having unprotected property.      

Secure  Monitoring And  Care Maintenance Services